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Lindsay & Edmunds was created by former chef Peter Edmunds from his passion for the superior taste and environmental benefit of quality organic food, combined with his love of the French chocolatier.

Pete explains, “Having lived in France for a year or so, my wife and I became spoiled by the high quality of French chocolatiers. Our ritual of having a single handmade chocolate after dinner was something we wanted to continue when we returned to Australia. At the same time, we wanted to eat organic food wherever possible, so we immediately noticed the lack of top quality organic chocolate in Australia. We wanted something a bit more special than a mass-produced organic chocolate bar, and we couldn’t find it.” Six months of research later and the first Lindsay & Edmunds range of handmade organic chocolate was born, in early 2008.

Less than twelve months later, after learning about the extensive use of child slave labour in the growth and harvesting of cocoa beans for chocolate, Pete and the team decided to switch the entire Lindsay & Edmunds range to certified Fairtrade chocolate. “Child slavery and sub-standard working conditions and pay levels are not something we want to be involved with, in any way at all,” says Pete. “We were thrilled to make the switch to 100% Fairtrade while maintaining the same high quality levels. It’s an added bonus to know that our small business here in Australia is directly helping farmers and their families in developing countries earn a fair living for their work.”

The Lindsay & Edmunds commercial kitchen is located in Warriewood, on Sydneys Northern Beaches.