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Lindsay & Edmunds was created by former chef Peter Edmunds from his passion for the superior taste and environmental benefit of quality organic food, combined with his love of the French chocolatier.

Pete explains, “Having lived in France for a year or so,  I became spoiled by the high quality of French chocolatiers. Our ritual of having a single handmade chocolate after dinner was something we wanted to continue when we returned to Australia. At the same time, we wanted to eat organic food wherever possible, so we immediately noticed the lack of top quality organic chocolate in Australia. We wanted something a bit more special than a mass-produced organic chocolate bar, and we couldn’t find it.” Six months of research later and the first Lindsay & Edmunds range of handmade organic chocolate was born,
in early 2008.

The Lindsay & Edmunds commercial kitchen is located in Warriewood,

on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

“if you are going to have chocolate make sure it is the best as you deserve the best.” 

- Peter Edmunds -




We proudly use one of the world’s finest quality couverture chocolates: the single origin organic chocolate range made by Belcolade, 'the real Belgian chocolate' company, known as such because Belcolade is the only Belgian-owned company manufacturing couverture chocolate.

The cocoa beans used to make this range of chocolate are sourced from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

  • Our dark chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids. It is a full-bodied dark chocolate with an acid roasted cocoa taste, a warm earthiness and a touch of mushrooms. One for the true dark chocolate connoisseur.

  • Our milk chocolate contains 37% cocoa solids. It is a rich chocolate with full cocoa character and a hint of spice.

  • Our white chocolate contains 29% cocoa butter. This very special white organic chocolate has a fresh vanilla and toffee bouquet. (You have not tasted a true white chocolate until you have tried this rich and creamy authentic Belgian indulgence.)

For the other ingredients used to make our handmade chocolates, we source only the best certified organic produce, Australian-grown wherever possible.

Special dietary information

All our chocolates are gluten free.

All our chocolate contains a small amount (approx 0.5%) of organic soy lecithin as an emulsifier.

Many of our chocolates contain nuts. As all chocolates are made in the same kitchen, it is possible that all chocolates may contain traces of nuts. However, none of our chocolates contain peanuts and there are no peanuts used in the kitchen.



What does 'organic' mean?

For a product to be organic it must have been grown and processed without the use of any synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilisers or pesticides, and it must not have been irradiated.

The benefits of this approach to farming help preserve the natural health and beauty of our wonderful planet, as well as the vitality and wellbeing of our own bodies.

Why choose organic?

Organic systems work in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air, creating a healthy environment rich in wildlife, woodlands and nutrients. The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil and nutritious crops.

We choose to use organic foods for our own health and wellbeing, for the enhancement of the planet’s resources, and with the intention of leaving future generations with a healthy nurturing place to live.

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